Love Will Get Me Far

Let’s go now before someone finds us out –

wash our hands of all this doubt, and scratch out these letters from the past.

We tend to make little worlds of our mistakes –

quick to go, slow to escape, cuz we’re scared things get better way too fast.


Maybe all these lesser plans have just been lesson plans

set to help us stand up straight.

Maybe all the old things leave cuz we don’t know what we need

and the choice isn’t ours to make.


So oh, I’m leaving the past with my regards.

I know letting go is hard, and trusting it is harder,

but oh, I’m keeping my eyes fixed on the stars,

knowing love will get me far, and leaving gets me farther,

and farther gets me closer to you.


I’m ready now to give up on finding out

all the answers to our doubts, cuz I know they’ll be answered when we’re there.

Let’s set our minds on what’s up, not what’s behind.

I don’t wanna have to find out that we’re still wandering and scared.


Let’s finish what we started, darling; farther’s not that far away.

Don’t let the world around us change our hearts on what we want to change.

I feel it in your breath – it’s even better than we’re dreaming of,

cuz in the end the only thing that counts, that’s left to count on, is love.