I tried to believe it But the snow settled in If you live by the seasons you’ll die in the end I tried to redeem it But along came the wind And my prayers for redemption were too broken to mend Grow me into something new again Fill me with the breath that never ends […]


I found a tree that’s dying in the field behind my house All the leaves are turning brown and all the wood is wearing out So I try to fix it, but it’s only getting worse I guess water doesn’t help a tree that doesn’t have a thirst Oh, I feel so dry So tired […]

Watership Down

Laid down with the lights out I think I’m wearing thinner than I was when everything was new And I think back to the old days With three kids in a camper in the yard, when nothing seemed to move Something in the way the world turns means I’m older now But I don’t feel […]

Treasure in a Field

65 to Franklin isn’t too far down the road I’ve tried to count the exit signs before I make it home I never quite believed her, like a shadow in the sun You can hide and hide, but God knows you can’t run Something like a summer drive does something to your soul It softens […]


Spring never felt this way before It rains all day, and when it rains, it pours And the storm won’t quit until it runs its course Spring never felt this way before We all packed up and we moved away Saved our goodbyes for another day Emptied the house and filled the tank Packed our […]

The Morning

Well, I sat on the grass as it hurried away Calling out for the earth to be patient And the blue turned to gold, and the gold turned to gray Til the last of the evening was fading And I’m falling asleep, but I’m dying to wake And I’m longing to feel something true again […]


Wearing thin Her eyes are dimmer than they were when she was loving him at 24 years old And we’re wearing thin Like the pictures in the plastic boxes in the basement from another world And they prove that every story ends I wanna be made new again Restore my soul, restore my soul And […]


all lyrics and music by jon henry Down a lonely hallway in a back room Little place in PA that’ll be gone soon You were telling stories about when you were 22 You said it used to be easier Had a little bit of tremor in your hands and voice But your clear eyes steady […]

Running Back to You

Funny how the best things in life never seem to stay Funny that however hard I try it always ends the same Funny how the sparkle in your eyes, you just washed away Told you that the best things in life never seem to stay But oh, don’t you cry Don’t you call it quits […]


Like a poplar in the winter I’ve been showing Just exactly where my branches reach their ends Like a pillar in the basement I’ve been holding Onto her and holding strong to where we’ve been Like a tiny wooden figure on the counter I’ve been feeling awful powerless and small But the old grandfather clock’s […]