This old town wasn’t much before the war – before the fight, before the loss – so surrender didn’t feel so out of place. The flag waved white, the firing stopped.   This old town wasn’t hard to leave behind, with nothing left to hold onto, but I can’t help this rising feeling in my […]

The Valley

I had a dream that I was older, and I knew what I didn’t know now. And I feel it when I hold her, there’s so much we have left to figure out. I know the rain is getting colder and the morning brings another cloudy sky, but would you stay here on my shoulder? […]

Love Will Get Me Far

Let’s go now before someone finds us out – wash our hands of all this doubt, and scratch out these letters from the past. We tend to make little worlds of our mistakes – quick to go, slow to escape, cuz we’re scared things get better way too fast.   Maybe all these lesser plans […]


Tears stain her face as she tries to run away, always refusing to look up. She looks away, still trying to escape all the voices that are telling her to stop. She says she’s independent, she can do this on her own but the walls are closing in as every second passes by. I say […]