These songs are mine.

I write them. I re-write them. I record them. I sing them. I daily keep up with their Spotify stats like it's fantasy football.

I think by nature, music is meant to be personal in its creation. It's why we feel most comfortable singing in the car or the shower, and why co-writing is such a challenge - music created in privacy is honest and true to who we are. When I write a song, I'm not thinking about whether or not somebody else is going to understand it; I'm trying my best to capture my own understanding of something, or lack of it. I want to package my experiences and emotions into a neat little box that I can hold and say "this makes sense now."

But by nature, music is meant to be personal in its reception. My favorite songs are never songs I write, and I think there's a reason for that: we long to know that somebody else has asked the same questions we have - that our human experience isn't a lonely one. Some of my favorite music ever written is about people I've never met and places I've never been, but somehow, I know exactly how they feel. We don't love and lose the same people, but we love and lose the same, and I think there's beauty in that.

So with these little boxes I'm packing, I hope you unpack them. I hope you listen to them. I hope you find something that you disagree with in them.

These songs are yours.